rebel chefs


My family history of cancer and diabetics sparked my interest to research extensively about food and disease prevention 

Rebel Chefs started with a vision to bring nutritious whole foods in its most natural  flavours to the dining tables of a healthier community 

The food philosophy of Rebel Chefs is driven by our passion for wholesome foods free from MSG and artificial additives

100% Natural
Organic if Possible 

@ Rebel Chefs 
Prohibit MSG 
Prohibit Refined Sugars 
Prohibit Artificial Flavouring 
No Pre Mixes No Short Cuts
Choose Nutritious Ingredients 
Cook Slowly Cook Patiently
Cook With Lots of Love 

We use quality meats, fresh fish and seafoods, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, nuts, spices, herbs, mineral salts, extra virgin olive oil and slow cooking techniques to evoke naturally flavourful Foods 

@Rebel Chefs We support local produce 

Savour our farm to table signatures featuring fresh fish and quality seafood 

We source from a dedicated Singapore fish farm which raises Barramundi with high quality feed without the use of antibiotics, chemicals and preservatives. Our air flown non GMO Norwegian Salmon and Trout is also sourced from a responsible ethical fish company in Norway dedicated to traditional breeding.